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Updates from SOWLIS


As communicated before, the refined application PA/2022/2415 for the industrial solar installation in Old Wives Lees has now been submitted to Ashford Borough Council.

There have been some minor changes made to the original application. These will be explained and discussed at a meeting in the Old Wives Lees Village Hall on Monday 23rd October at 7 pm.

This meeting will be open to those who object to the application. Please note that we will not be discussing the merits of solar.

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You may have received communication from Ashford Borough Council (ABC) concerning the revised application PA/2022/2415 for the industrial solar installation at North Court Fruit Farm in Old Wives Lees.

Whilst the applicant has made minor changes to the original application, we don't believe that they make the overall plan compliant with national and local planning policies.

If you sent an objection to the original application we would ask that you:

  1. Upload or write your comments to ABC reiterating your initial objection,

  2. Say in your own words that you object, including one or more of the points as appropriate to your viewpoint on the proposal:

    1. Best and Most Versatile Agricultural land should not be used for industrial purposes,

    2. Harm to the landscape and visual amenity and surrounding AONB plus North Downs Way,

    3. The project's lifetime - 40 years is nearly 2 generations!

    4. Disruption - the proposed grid connection will be along Lower Lees Road and down Long Hill to the New Cut (which is the route of the North Downs Way)

    5. Amount of transport movements during construction - danger to pedestrians and road users,

    6. Lack of community involvement.

  3. Confirm that you agree with the objections submitted by SOWLIS (we are still working on them!).

Even if you do not live in the village but enjoy walking on the footpaths or cycling or horse riding along the current quiet country lanes, please do object! Every objection helps!!

We have commissioned a review of the Landscape and Visual Impact documents again and therefore please help us by donating via PayPal or by contacting us directly and paying through our Barclays Community account (which does not incur any fees!).

Lastly - if you haven't already signed our petition please do so and get as many people to sign as well to better support our cause!

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Find below details of the public consultation as expected. The deadline for comments is 3rd November.

The key reasoning behind the additional public consultation is:

Further information relating to the Environmental Statement (ES) received. Major Development Proposal, Affects Public Right of Way.
Stand Alone Advert Notification
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