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Updates from SOWLIS


The application was added onto Ashford Borough Council (ABC)'s portal at the beginning of November and SOWLIS has carried out a review of the 86 documents, finding multiple errors which included duplication, missing documents and incorrectly named titles. In addition, the consultation date was missing and the planning officer doesn't seem to be named!

These problems made it incredibly difficult for anyone to understand, review the documents and comment on them and most importantly, the ability to make an informed comment by statutory consultees and ourselves in the parish!

SOWLIS therefore, wrote to ABC planning department asking for them to correct these errors and to delay the objection date:

SOWLIS letter to ABC re North Court Solar Farm OWL 10 Nov
Download PDF • 186KB

SOWLIS are hosting two meetings, the next at 10am on 20th November at Old Wives Village Hall in order to provide an update and information that will be relevant to those wishing to object.

ABC have now uploaded the correct documents and have restarted the Consultation progress again and the new date for getting objections in is the 3 January 2023.

In the meantime, if you fancy a read, we would really appreciate your comments on the two main documents:

Ideally, if you are able to comment on the downloaded PDF document that would be the most helpful. Do feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Also, just to reiterate, we really need more donations or to do some fund-raising activities to pay for expert advice and reports if we are going to persuade ABC planning committee that this is not a good idea to let an industrial solar 'installation' be built in the heart of our village in the Stour valley! If you have ideas, please get in touch!

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The planning application for North Court Solar Installation is now live on Ashford Borough Council's website: PA/2022/2415! There are no details of objection deadline or who the Planning Officer is yet.

There is a lot of information to go through and any help would be gratefully received and so if you have any expertise or time to look through the documents please get in touch.

We will also need to raise more funds to pay for professional assistance and if you haven't already done so we should be very grateful for any donations via the the links on this site or directly into the SOWLIS bank account - this way we won't incur transaction fees!

Please contact us if you can help in any way.

We will be in touch once we have gone through the documents.

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Wardell Armstrong (WA), on behalf of Green Switch submitted a letter on 6th April 2022 to Ashford Borough Council (ABC) in response to the Scoping Opinion document dated 25 November 2021 from ABC (posted on ABC's website on 8 December 2021). They stated that they were confirming their approach to addressing issues raised by ABC in relation to the Scope of the Environmental Statement (ES):

GM11691 LET-002 Ashford Borough Council Scoping Opinion Response
Download PDF • 542KB

For reference, please also see the response from Canterbury City Council in relation to the original EIA scoping despite it only being registered with ABC on a planning basis

Canterbury City Council EIA response
Download PDF • 104KB

There are a number of key issues that SOWLIS considers needs to be within the ES as WA intend to ‘scope out’ of the final planning application important issues such as Ecology and Biodiversity Assessment, an Arboricultural Assessment, Climate/ Whole Carbon Life Cycle, Highways, Transport and Access.

Please see the SOWLIS response letter dated 14 June 2022 sent to ABC. We are currently waiting for a response and will update once we hear more.

SOWLIS Response to WA letter 6 April 22 to ABC - EIA Scoping Direction June 22
Download PDF • 271KB

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