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Orchards and Solar Panels

Save Old Wives Lees From Industrial Solar

Renewable energy is the way forward – but not at any cost!

Help protect a unique rural landscape, heritage trails, the North Kent Downs and 114 acres of prime agricultural farmland by opposing an application for the construction of an industrial-scale solar “farm” at Old Wives Lees, Chilham, Kent. 

The map shows the full extent and exact location of the planned construction site.


Do we really need to be destroying our natural environment and impacting on our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) to combat climate change?

Interestingly, the government doesn’t think so.

The government has published their Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, which includes a commitment to protect the natural environment, increase renewable energy and support the use of farmland to produce food.

Solar power has no part to play in that plan (full report)

Fancy a walk along the North Downs Way? Want to enjoy the views along the Pilgrims Way? 

The proposed site is currently crossed by the famous North Downs Way, a historic route celebrated for glorious views across open Kent countryside. It is one of only 15 designated National Trails in England and Wales, passing through the unique and diverse protected landscape of the Kent AONB The Pilgrims Way, an ancient and historic pilgrimage route to Canterbury Cathedral also joins the North Downs Way here. The route is internationally renowned for its’ wonderful views and gives people the opportunity to find peace, tranquility and transformation in nature. As a result, the path plays a key role in supporting the local tourism industry (see links). . If you wanted to escape from the daily grind, or follow the footsteps of kings, queens, saints and pilgrims would you still be keen to walk along footpaths which were transformed into corridors between rows of fence panels that are nearly 2.5 metres in height?  You can also expect “Danger of Death” signs at regular intervals along the fences. 


We can defeat this application!

Strong opposition can make a huge difference. In November 2021, an application to construct a solar “farm” on 85 hectares of green belt land in Hertfordshire became ‘the most objected-to application in Hertsmere’s history’ and was rejected.   In July 2021, following overwhelming opposition from the public and consultees, Mid Devon councillors refused permission for a 150 acre solar “farm” in Langford.   

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